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Reed Fountain, 2004-05
The conversion of 240 San Francisco rental apartments into condominium units provided the opportunity to redesign a 45 by 70 foot, five-stories deep courtyard.

At the developer's request for a fountain, I created a series of small models exploring different approaches, and we settled on using a low slab of stone, with water welling up through three-inch holes and spilling off the perimeter. Steel rods, anchored to the fountain base, rose through the holes. Between thirteen and eighteen feet tall, they move with the breezes and register the changing light in the courtyard. The slender verticals rising from a watery basin reminded me of reeds and cattails, so the project came to be called "Reed Fountain".

Besides the fountain I worked out and detailed the materials and planting plan, including a woven wood screen to isolate private patios. I worked closely with landscape contractor Frank and Grossman
( www.bayarealandscape.com )
to see the project through construction. The project won a First Place Bay Area Landscape Award Medium Commercial category from the California Landscape Contractors Association.